• 1" Ratchet Tie-Downs
  • 1" Ratchet Tie-Downs
  • 1" Ratchet Tie-Downs


1" Ratchet Tie-Downs


We have put the same quality into our 1" Ratchet tie-downs as we do into every other product we make. We all have a few of these for every occasion. Rated at 2500lbs, these ratchet tie downs willl do the job. We use industry leading 9.5mm coated "S" hooks with a retention clip so they will stay put till you get it tightened down. Wide handled ratches are just like their 2" 10,000lb brothers with molded grip, cushioned release handle and barrel caps to protect it all. Offered in 3 lengths (6ft, 10ft, 15ft) and 3 colors (black, blue, red).

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