• 4 Seat RZR 900 SpeedTop
  • 4 Seat RZR 900 SpeedTop
  • 4 Seat RZR 900 SpeedTop


4 Seat RZR 900 SpeedTop


This is not your ordinary soft top. We needed a top for our UTV. After looking around at some import covers, we decided to make one ourselves. We started with heavy duty 1000 deiner coated polyester material, tailored it to create a nice look over the OEM cage. Then came the trick, how do we attach it with out a bunch of straps tied all over the place?

Here's what we came up with;  we took clamps, coated them for protection and grip, created a sleeve at each point of the top that goes over each of the down bars. We ended up with the cleanest look and best possible installation. We also added some velcro attachement points and put a center section in it so we can color key it to each different color vehicle model. You end up with a custom, light weight, sun resistant, water resistant top that is easy to remove if needed.

Patterns are for RZR 2 & 4 seat 900's and XP1000's. Made right here in Southern California.

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